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Various Artists - Enough
Writer-112016-07-14 11:11:46Various Artists
and all of you is more than enough for all of me for every thirst and every need you satisfy me with your love and all i have in you is more than enough you are my supply, my breath of ...
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Absolute Beginner - Nicht Allein
Writer-112016-07-05 22:10:18Absolute Beginner
halleluja, hallo du da, ja du ja siehst du dich nicht auch, ab und zu mal allein auf weiter flur, nur von einzellern umgeben die sich zur musik von zweizellern bewegen ihr leben nach de...
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Dance Gavin Dance - The Backwards Pumpkin Song
Writer-112016-07-04 13:08:32Dance Gavin Dance
[x2] sit down, call off cavalry i’m stealing jewels in a slow motion action replay bar fight, i invented chivalry notch in my bed post slow motion action replay now fog i...
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Butthole Surfers - Who Was In My Room Last Night?
Writer-112016-07-04 05:13:21Butthole Surfers
“who was in my room last night?” i’m flying… i’m flying, i’m flying, i’m flying, i’m flying, i’m flying, i’m flying, flying away, i...
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46itchy - Get Up Get Out
Writer-112016-07-14 03:04:1346itchy
she never felt same way holding onto his hand but she thought that he would change suddenly it hit her that one she loved had strayed too far the penny dropped it’s obvious he’...
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Chris Norman - Some Hearts Are Diamonds
Writer-112016-07-14 10:47:27Chris Norman
open your heart to all of those years baby you look through a rainbow of tears. you watched your dreams all fadin’ away this time you’re right oh you make my day. y...
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No Doubt - A Little Something Refreshing
Writer-112016-07-04 03:17:11No Doubt
yeah yay oh i’m hungry yeah i said i’m starving yeah i want some pizza c*ke and ice cream popcorn cotton candy marshmallows milkshake and peanuts would be so great ...
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Beatbetrieb - Mach Mich Frei
Writer-112016-07-14 04:03:00Beatbetrieb
mach mich frei jesus mach mich frei! mach mich frei mach mich frei! vom druck, von meinen sorgen und der angst vor morgen. nur du befreist, weil du mir verzeihst. nimm alles...
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Cure - The Walk
Writer-112016-07-14 13:45:17Cure
i called you after midnight then ran until i burst i p*ssed howling woman and stood outside your door we walked around a lake and woke up in rain and everyone turned over troub...
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Destiny S Child - Why You Actin'
Writer-112016-07-05 04:13:39Destiny S Child
[beyoncé:] chapter one lax departure flight 1106 he sat right next to me chapter two he was cute so i asked him if he had a lucky lady claiming him chapter three he made it cl...
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